Am I overreacting?? Partners brother constantly swearing infront of child

Shelby - posted on 11/11/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Ladies.

Am I overreacting??

My partner and I often go over to his parents house for dinner and what not so they can see our daughter. His brother ( 30 ) still lives there. He is constantly swearing infront of my daughter!! I have asked him so many times to " please dont swear infront of our daughter " I have said she is taking everything in she copys everything and Its not something I want her to repeat!! I have said " you need to have respect for your neice and stop!" I am no saint, things slip out sometimes and I understand but every 3rd-4th word seriously?? We were at the dinner table the other night and about 5 minutes after the conversation in the loungeroom I hear him yell something to his mother and say the F word at the top of his lungs, I said to my partner " I wont bring her here anymore if this continues!! its disguisting infront of a 3 year old, grow up!!" He then told his mother this whilst I was sitting there, I was put on the spot a little but turned and said " yes Its unacceptable infront of our daughter, how many times do I have to ask somebody to please stop swearing while we are here!!" She said " yes I know its un acceptable but he forgets" I said its not good enough and if it continues I wont be coming here with her. Is this fair?? I feel when I get angry and uptight and say STOP SWEARING he just laughs and sayd " I forgot. " Hes not an approachable person, hes like a child thats 30. Im not sure how to go around it now?? Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated!!


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Stop going over there and the parents will take care of the son when they start missing their grandkids. Or have them come to you or wait until he is away if possible.

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