Am i pregnant ?!?1?

Jennifer - posted on 02/14/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




almost 2 weeks ago me and my bf had intercourse and he said he didnt pull out in time and felt only 2-3 drop of C** inside me and 5 days later i felt cramping and a few days after that i began to discharge ,and its slighty increasing, and 1 day i pulled my underwear down to use the rest room and and there was pink in the discharge and ended the next day it was gone , and im a couple of days before my actualy period date, could i be pregnant ? the slight cramping and discharge still continue


Liz - posted on 02/14/2013




Whether you are now pregnant or not, 'pulling out' as a means of birth control is incredibly risky and likely to end in pregnancy sooner or later. If you really do not wish to become pregnant at this point in your life and with this man, then please act and investigate other forms of birth control. Also consider STDs.

Dove - posted on 02/14/2013




No one on here can tell you if you are pregnant or not. We can only tell you that it is possible, but that is the same as anyone could advise to anyone that has had sex.

Take a home test and/or see your doctor.

Edited to add that you might want to wait until after your period is due. Sometimes you will test positive before your period is due, but other times you might not test positive for a few weeks later.


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