am i pregnant

Lindsay - posted on 03/03/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have been sick sore breasts nauseous period is 2 Weeks late and i had one faint positive test but negative at doc I'm not sure what's going on i feel the same almost as i did with my son I'm having cravings for peanut butter and i have never liked it please help


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Debbie - posted on 03/04/2014




I agree that it depends if the test was a blood or urine. I had the same situation where the home test was a faint positive, but when I had a urine test done at the dr it said negative. They deceived to do a blood test then and 2 days later they called and told me that the blood test was positive.

Jodi - posted on 03/04/2014




Well, it depends whether the doctor did a blood or a urine test. It may just be very early and your HCG levels are low. Not all urine tests are equal.

Maritza - posted on 03/03/2014




Your period is most likely just late. If you went to a doctor and said it s negative then you are not pregnant. However if in two more weeks it still does not come down you might want to repeat the pregnancy test. If it is stilll negative ,then you need to find out what is causing the delay. I personally have a child who has a thyroid condition, but is usually the high antibodies and gets one period this month but skips one month and sometimes is two weeks late and she is 14 yr bad cramps, sore breast and takes Midol Complete it is very good for the period and its systoms. Another child who is 18 years old get her period with heavy bleeding ,severe abdominal pain when it is late and her breast hurt a lot before it comes down. Sometimes they both throw up and other times get hungry and eat and eat again. I tell them you just ate , but they response they are hungry for some reason. My 18 year throw up for 1 week , but once the period came down she was fine again. Try not to stress yourself out. However repeat in two weeks pregnancy test or earlier. Sometimes one is a false positive and the next one is negative. If it is going to make you feel better then redo the test even if the doctor said your are not. Two negative results will make you feel better and not worried. Like that you can relax and maybe your period will finally come down and you will feel better unless you have a medical condition causing it to be late. There are many reasons for missing or a period being late.

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