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Grace - posted on 10/06/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi my name is Grace me and my husband have been married for 9 years we have been ttc and had one ectopic pregnancy around 1-2 years ago with that all test were positive no questions asked dark lines and digital said yes we really wanted a child so we were super excited this was our dream to be parents but sadly that dream didn't come to pass :( i did have the nausea feeling but never threw up, slightly that time and the metallic taste in your mouth but that's it.This time around now i missed my period since august had a light pink discharge for less than a day then stopped and no AF since, i decided to take a pregnancy test this time and it came up two lines(one line lighter than the other) and then faded so i took more some show more than others but some are so faint i'm squinting under all the lights in my house and then disappear less than 10 mins.yes i did take a digital that said not pregnant,but maybe it might be to early? have no symptoms this time around and my husband saw the lines to. he is so excited and i want to be to but i'm so scared i have been going crazy searching the internet and you tube( i even took a ept with blood and two strong positive lines that didn't fade) its driving me nuts do you guys think i am preggers ? come to think of it i have been more hungry and have been so tired sleeping almost all day,can i relax and enjoy this for the moment do u guys think its positive but just to early ? we want this little miracle so much thanking you in advance i really hope this is the real deal guys so ready to be a mama pray for us please and God bless


Jodi - posted on 10/07/2015




There is a time limit on tests (read the instructions). If it showed positive, it is positive. If the lines are fading after 10 minutes, it is because the test is past it's time limit. If you still aren't sure, visit your doctor and get a test done there.

Gena - posted on 10/06/2015




I think its positiv if you have done several tests that all showed up with a second line..even if its only faint. I would go to the doctor to get a trans vaginal ultrasound,then you know for sure! Time for prenatal care!! Good luck


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Grace - posted on 10/10/2015




In total i have taken around 20 test that ALL have the same fain line. I took a clear-blue digital today that said "NOT PREGNANT" this is driving me nuts, I am From Trinidad and Tobago and the doctors here are hella expensive so i don't want to waste a unnecessary trip, still no Period since Late July can i be pregnant this is so frustrating i am taking prenatals, folic acid and vitamin b6 just in case really need you guys opinions here has anyone gone through this and was indeed pregnant?

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