Am I pregnant?? Is it an evaporation line? or am I stressed? HELP!!

Sarah - posted on 07/15/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone,
I am kinda worried but I honestly do not know what to think. So I definitely need some opinions. 10 months ago I had a c section..after having my baby every month I continued to have a period. It was never more than 3 days late. My husband and I are very cautious, we use condoms.

My last period was mid May and it is now July and I still have not got a period. Yes, I am freaking out. When my husband and I were intimate at the end of May we used protection. I know that any kind of birth control isn't 100%. The first time my husband and I didn't use protection we got pregnant with my daughter.

I have literally done 10 pregnancy tests...and they initially come out negative within the time limit. So I 'grosely,' decided to pull one out of the garbage can in the bathroon 24 hours later. And there was one with a light blue vertical line going..which would indicate a positive if it was in the time limit. I have a few pregnancy tests like that. I have taken a digital one and it says not pregnant.

When my mom was pregnant with me she told me that she would never get a positive result on a home pregnancy test, she got it confirmed at her doctors.

I have read on the internet all about evaporation lines...some say the blue dye tests are the worst because they can show an evaporation. Then I read that even if there was an evaporation line and there is color to it then it is a positive. I also read that if you pee on the stick, and you put the cap on the end where you pee that it does not dry out as quickly (common sense) and locks in the moisture and if you have low hormones that it could take a little longer for a result. I have read so many conspiracies that I am concerned.

I have signs for a period like cramp and such. But I don't get anything at all. nothing. I know the only way to know for sure is to go see my doctor. When I pregnant with my daughter it took a good week and a half to see a positive on the pregnancy test. If I am pregnant that test should be glowing at this point....

I also have been under a lot of stress since March. So i dont know what to think.....

Please give me your thoughts? Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Thank YOu!


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Sarah - posted on 07/15/2015




I just got my period!!! I am so relieved! Thank you everyone for you comments it is greatly appreciated!!!

Raye - posted on 07/15/2015




The best time to take a home test is first thing in the morning when your urine is the most concentrated. If you're about 2 months late, and are still having negative results, there might be some other medical issue going on. But the only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor's office, get checked out, and do a blood test.

Pee sticks should be read during the appropriate time stated in the instructions. Anything that happens even 10 minutes later is not conclusive, as many different reactions could be happening within the test stick. So, just because a line shows up an hour later does not mean you're pregnant. Stress could definitely be messing with your periods, but we could really only guess at what might be happening. You should to see a doctor.

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