Am I pregnant? Please Help!

Jen - posted on 07/10/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Am I pregnant? Please Help!

Im dizzy as i write this, but i seem to be really confused and i need advise- I tried going to my own mother but she won't listen and i tried my mother inlaw who seems very strongly opinionated that i shouldn't be... prego.

About three weeks ago i began to be exhausted and dizzy from nothing. like someone had spinned me in a chair for too long and then asked me to walk. I go to bed at 11pm and get up around 9 am. so i get more then enough sleep but its not enough. smells make me go insane. everything makes me sick . my favorite foods make my stomach churn and i don't drink soda anymore since it also makes my stomache churn. my bra size is now a 40dd when it used to be a 36c- my lower back hurts all the time.

i had my period "i think" but uit was weird- it started very late in the afternnoon on friday but it was just spotting. i put in a tamp and a couple hours later nothing was on it. but when i got up the next morning it was heavy and dark brownish but only for an hour or so and it was back to spotting. it was done by Sunday. the previous weeks my boobs hurt like crazy and they never do when im about to start. they ach as i write even and the sides are especially sensitive. I have mild cramping but its mostly in the middle or off to one side of my uterus and again- i don't have the usually premenstrual stuff like headaches, cramps, bloating or pimples( i usually have only one or two)- but im sure having them now. the pimples are bad on my breasts and face i also burp alot. and pee every half hour. but i did the test three times now and nothing. also my pee is very much usually a yellow, but its clear and usually it means your hydrated but i was definitely not yesterday or today and it was clear. I can't sleep at night anymore either and usually have to get up atleast once in the early early morning to pee. i see a doctor on tuesday but im afraid that if they do the tests they will still come up negative.

I was pregnant once before and i didn't know it- i had been for about 4 months. i took the tests everytime i had missed my period but it was always negative. i only found out as i was having the miscarrage.

so my summery of this is:
Cramping (light)
Spotting (27-28)
Sorebreasts, itchy nipples
Sudden extreme fatigue
Hot/cold flashes all the time in 68d tempts
dizziness on and off
headaches on and off
nausea on and off
bigger boobs
no desire for fav foods or drinks(makes me sick to even consider them)
Super smell intolerence ( sweet scents, gas, cooked foods, meat, smoke, cig smoke)( i used to love the smell of car gas, but now i smell it, taste it and always makes me sick,same with smoke)
frequent urination
gassy/burping all the time
and negative tests (3x)in a 2 week time period

I just don't want all of this to be in my head... I really need advice.



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Irina - posted on 07/10/2015




You could be...but all those signs could be multiple things. Have a blood test taken to find out your hcg level could be to low to show up positive in a pee test. If you think you are pregnant then be safe and treat your body like you are so no drinking so on so forth. See your doctor and explain to them.

Michelle - posted on 07/10/2015




It doesn't matter how much information you give us, we don't know. You either need to take a test your see your doctor. Your Mother or MIL won't know either.

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