Am i pregnant with my 2nd child? (:

BARNES - posted on 11/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ok so i think i might be pregnant, which my fiance and i have been trying for our 2nd baby. (:
In September i had my last period.. then october came, no period, then november came and i got a period.. well its way more heavy then usual.
But the symptoms i am getting is whats confusing me,, I have been eating like crazyy, peeing like crazy, emotional frequently, tired a lot, headaches, and the other night i experienced a powerful kick.. it was weird.. but i did calculate it and if i was to be pregnant i would be 9 weeks pregnant and thats around the time i felt kicking from my first baby. i have been experiencing weird fluttering feelings too. i have been having a lot of gas too, but i can tell the difference from when its gas or those fluttering feelings.. i did go in to see my doc on friday and he had me get my blood drawn and they said they would have the results on monday but havent called yet. i have been very curious and freaking out.. i called today but the on call doc was only in cause its thanksgiving.. i am going to try back again tomorrow to see what the results are, but i am just getting very impatient and need adivce and help. so to whomever can please take the time out to help me, you are appreciated, and god bless. (: i am new to this site so anything helps


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