am I pregnate

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Hey guys I have a question and I need other moms opinions . I had the Mariana place in July of 2013 after my son was born and for The past 2 weeks I have Ben having pregnancy symptoms . all Tue same as when I was pregnate before. In the mornings I feel so noshas , have to pee all the time, seems like I can never gt enough food, my breast a tender , I am bloated , sertion smells bother me , I can't lay on my stomach or when I bend down I get pains in my lower part of my stomach. I feel tired all the time and I have mood swings like crazy. I have takin a hot and it came back negative . I can't put presher on my stomach or it hurts and when I pick my son up and put him on my hips it hurts . did I mention that I don't have a period since I got my Mariana put in . x


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Well...Have you taken a test?

Seen a physician?

We are not psychic. We are strangers on an international internet forum. We are not doctors.

In other words, we do not know. Go take a test. See a doctor.

Personally, if I were having problems after the installation of an IUD, or other device, I'd probably have contacted the physician long before I'd consider asking complete strangers on an internet forum.

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