Am I prego or not?

Brittney - posted on 12/02/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )



2 first let me start by saying I have been on depo since I had my last son end of 2011 ans stayed on it til beginning of 2013. So im sure u can image my cycle effect, (hoorible). Now I was late my late after getting back regular in Nov. , woke up throwing up Nov 6, tested myself with first response w first urine of tha day(2 of them back to back) and were positive, them a few days later I started bleeding I had a real period but no heavier and no sack or real big clots, well after I stop bleeding on nov. 16 I went toa free clinic and it said positive...suppossed to get ultrasound on dec 10th but out of curiosity I went and bought some more test but they were dollar store brands all of them and all 4 of them said negative. Whats going on?

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