Am I really being unfair?

Kristina - posted on 09/03/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So as we all know labor and delivery is exhausting. I don't think people understand that. My problem is I don't want visitors at the hospital and my husband does. I would like for them to wait until we got home with our newborn before they came to see us. My husband thinks I'm being unfair and has literally turned this into a fight. I think the time at the hospital is supposed to go to recovery and rest not visitation. I'm due in November right in the middle of flu season. Which is another reason I'm not wanting visitors. I'm pretty set on everyone waiting till we are home but my husband said he would take the baby from the room and let his family see him. Though if I tell the hospital prior to having the baby I don't want any visitors he wouldn't be able to do that either. He swears I have a problem with his family which I don't. We all get along wonderfully or so I thought. I know his family disapproves of me because he's said so himself. I just want to know if anyone else thinks I'm being unreasonable about the no visitors until we are home. Or am I right to ask him this.


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Michelle - posted on 09/03/2016




I agree with Little Miss.
If they were wanting to be in the delivery room I would agree with you but the family always wants to visit when you are on the ward. That's the best part of being the immediate family, getting that first cuddle.
Depending on what time of day you give birth and how long the labor is then you can ask them to wait a day but to deny all visits is very unreasonable.
The hospital if probably a better place for people to visit since they have hand sanitizer at every door, you don't have that at home.
Is this your first child? If so, you don't know how you are going to be after birth. I have gone home 8 hours after giving birth and looked after a toddler!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 09/03/2016




I honestly think you are being unreasonable. This day is for you and your husband both. If they were trying to be IN the delivery room, then I would think you were in the right. But this situation, having family around to show support and love, wanting to be there when the baby is born? Totally a normal thing. How about come to a compromise? Instead of everyone being there during the delivery in the waiting room, your husband can let everyone know to come AFTER delivery and to visit for a short period of time.
Flu season will still be happening when you get home too. It won't stop when you leave the hospital.

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