Am I ungrateful?

Jess - posted on 07/30/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have twin boys that are three and a son that's 2. I've been with my husband for five years and come across a lot of issues with his family. None of them have cars so on the weekends she makes plans with me to go to the mall from time to time and I agree; my sister in law tags along because my mil obviously wants to take her as well as her grand daughter. So together we shop she insists me to pick things out for my sons which I do but constantly telling me one for each or a limited amount of stuff. I'm greatful for the things she buys for my sons but says its for their holiday eid or bday whatever is coming up. The issue is tho while she tells me one or yes to only certain things her daughter is giving her own daughter a shopping spree because my mother in law will buy anything and everything for her grand daughter. Like for example my sons get one outfit each and a couple of shirts or pants while her daughter gets double the amount. I can't help but feel that she's unfair to my boys and that she favors her granddaughter. Especially when my sons bday is right around the corner her grand daughter items double my sons bday gift. It upsets me to see that this is how she's always treated my kids even tho she is buying them stuff I feel that she does only because I'm the one who drives them and to see how unfair she is I just resent going. I told my husband how I felt and he had said I was ungrateful that I shouldn't expect anything from her which I don't he made it about me saying that I'm just upset because she didn't buy me anything. That really isn't it I just can't keep watching her spoil her unappreciated daughters daughters and buys my sons pitty gifts cuz I'm their ride. She also makes my twins share items like for example theirs pajamies that come in two her granddaughter will get the whole set of two but my twins have to split it like they are one. It's always been like that since they were born.


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Jess - posted on 08/01/2016




Nadine I don't believe it's a money issue my husband works and supports the five of us her husband works and supports the three of them if it was a money issue then don't you think she shouldn't be getting three designer dresses? Again it was for their holiday present and as a mother I always try to do things equally and that's why I believe it's unfair to spend 200 on one child and 200 on three other children combine

Nadine - posted on 08/01/2016




Perhaps it is an issue of money. If you have it and your SIL does not. I know my sister used to get mad when, as a single mom, my parents would help me out a little more than her. NOW, they help her out a bit, but I don't need the help anymore, so they don't.

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That would be a very upsetting situation. I would not be able to take her shopping anymore.

Michelle - posted on 07/30/2016




I would stop taking her shopping. I understand what you are saying and your husband is a bit confused about what you are upset about.
Have you asked your MIL why she buys more for her Granddaughter than her Grandsons?

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