Am I wrong for not letting my daughter see her father?

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My daughter will be 5 in a couple of months, and I have recently decided to keep her father out of her life, and I want to know if this is completely wrong. Her father and I were together for 10 years prior to her birth, once she was born I completely decided not to put up with his selfish and MEEEEEEE attitude. So at 3 months I left n never looked back. I have no hard feelings because I knew it was over b4 she got here. Since the separation it has been a CONSTANT fight to get him to come see her and he will only come when he gets in to his guilty mode and that is appx. every 4-6 months or more. Thru her growing up she has cried for him to no response from him. Also, since our separation he has become a drug addict, which I know is a fact because I had to have him committed to inpatient due to hallucinations, although he claims he is clean. I do not feel safe with him taking her anywhere nor does he offer he wants me to drop her off places. I will only allow him to visit her at our home because of his issue. My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy (seizure disorder) when she was 2 and he decided he didn't want to be there for her "what can I do", he said. After his last stent of being away, which was from October 2010 to December 2011 I warned him b4 allowing him to see her again, that this would be the last time that I would this dead beat action in her life. So in January 2012 he decided to stop coming around again. That was is it. I made the decision due to her vulnerabilities caused by her condition not to allow this behavior in her life. Please give me your very honest opinion, Thank you in advance!


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I also have a son who does not see his bilogical father and I do believe under certian circumstances that it is ok to keep the dad out of their lives. If he is hallucinating bc of drugs than I wouldn't trust him alone with her EVER. Especially because she has epilepsy. She must be supervised by a responsible adult that is capable of helping her if she goes into a seizure. The only way I would allow it would be threw supervised scheduled short visitation ( like NOT overnight) , if he can not commit to that than she doesn't need him around! When I was growing up my dad was a pot smoker and an alcholic and he lived on the opposite side of the country as us. But as a young adult we developed a great father daughter relationship. With an understanding that he didn't come around drunk. He respected that and we definately had a strong bond before he passed away. May he RIP today was his birthday ♥ ! Anyways go with your gut. If he is a bad influence than she doesn't need to be around him. In time her dad may grow up and stop being an ass! Honestly it sounds like you have given him many chances and he has always let her down. She deserves better!


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Personally I think every child has a right to know each parent. I don't really think it Is your decision to make either, that should be decided in court.

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