Am kind of confused which to do first..?? School Or Baby #4?

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I just had a baby girl #3, who is now 6m old, after i had my twin girls in 2008. I wished i had a boy so i could wrap up... lol. But as it appears, I will have to go again; for which i do not plan to wait for a long time to accomplish this goal. So now, am thinking....? School Or Baby #4?

My most worry is if I have another baby soon, i fear that i may be too busy for school work. Then, what if i decide to do school first, and may have delayed conception...?? {especially bcos it took 9months from the time i took out my IUD after d twins to conceive} Again, d school is full time [a 2yr ] course. Your opinion ladies??


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4 year old twins and a 6 month old? School, no question. You said it's only a 2 year course, so you could be getting pregnant again when your little one is 3ish. That's really not a long time to wait.

Though if your main reason in trying for number 4 is to have a boy... what are your plans if it's a 4th girl?

Really it's entirely your choice, but I could not imagine trying to have 4 kids around 5 and under.


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