Amino acid combination cured my child's tics - motor and vocal

Luci Johnson - posted on 02/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS IF YOUR CHILD SUFFERS WITH SEVERE MOTOR AND/OR VOCAL TICS! My ten year old son was diagnosed with severe tourette's syndrome 2 years ago. His vocal tic was a big loud sneeze/cough that you could hear from the front of his school when his classroom was in the back of school. At one point, his tics were so often and so bad I had to find someone to home school him. I could barely watch my sweet little boy suffer through life w/no friends, not liking himself and not wanting to go anwhere! It hurt so bad to see him so miserable and unhappy. His neurologists put him on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics and my poor baby blew up like a balloon. I sat up nite after nite after nite for months in bed on my computer reading all I could about tourette's syndrome and treatments. I finally took my son off of the anti-psychotics after one month (they were so horrible - if his body was so swollen on the outside, I could only imagine what horrible things the meds were doing to his insides!) and began giving him magnesium & taurine supplements (I get mine at GNC) together with a B-6 complex that I also get at GNC. I first gave it to my teenaged son who had a motor tic to see if it would help him. AND IT DID! He quit tic'ing w/in 24 hours of taking the supplements. I had read on the internet that this combo would probably only help with motor tics, & not vocal tics. I tried it anyway on my younger son with the horrible vocal tic...AND WITHIN 24 HOURS...HE STOPPED TIC'ING! That was last May, 2013! He has not had one vocal tic since that day in May, 2013! It was a miracle! My prayers were answered! I don't know how long these supplements will work, but all I know is my baby has come out of his shell, every day at school is a good one, he has friends who play with him at recess and even gets invites to bday parties now! God is Great! I had to share this info...please let anyone and everyone you know who is affected by this disorder about these simple supplements so they can at least try them! Of course, since the world seems to be owned and operated by the major pharmaceutical companies, various neurolgists we have visited with do not "support" this treatment! Like I care if they support it or not! My baby is a happy little boy and that is all that matters! Blessing, LJD.


Kristi - posted on 10/13/2015




Wow I just read your story! So happy for you and your son. I'm currently trying the natural method to help my son with his tics.

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