An expecting mother and need baby clothes

LaToya - posted on 07/04/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi I'm an expecting mother of a lil girl my boyfriend walked out on me and I'm trying my best to get things for my children I have a 5 year old girl and a new born on the way and I'm living from check to check can someone help out I would be greatly appreciated GOD BLESS


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Gena - posted on 07/04/2015




A good place to ask is the play school or kindergarten. Ask the teachers if they would be so kind and ask the parents of the children if they have clothes to give you. Or church etc. Good luck

Michelle - posted on 07/04/2015




This isn't the place to ask for people to donate to you.
You would better off checking out your local charity stores, churches and thrift stores.

Afboulware54 - posted on 07/04/2015




you are gifted and loved don't worry about boyfriend go ahead with your life good things will happen to those who wait they say ( for instance . ) My daughter had a simular problem and she finally listened to me and I introduced her to a great guy and they married he adopted her son that the real dad wanted her to abort and they have two daughters and 14 years later a cadilac for her and a new home of $ 300.000 as of Aug 2915 after having two other new homes also please don't worry and ditch that Boyfriend he will never grow up to have ditched you when you were expecting it is that I am not ever seeing a real man coming from that .... Best of luck to you sweet gal make a new life working hard for things for you and your children :) Hard work is the best way from any sitation , Hugs and Prayers :) .

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