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My older brother recently opened up to me that he doesn't feel comfortable coming over to our house or having us over to his house because he doesn't agree with how the hubby and I are raising our children. He wants to have more of a "say so" in their behavior. He wants to have the authority to correct them in doing what he believes is the right thing. I don't feel comfortable nor does the hubby in allowing him to do so because he's mean and down talks them. I love my brother and his family but I think he's the one with the problem. He needs to focus on his own life and keep his negative and exaggerated opinions to himself. Am I wrong? Help!


Raye - posted on 06/26/2015




Your brother doesn't get a "say so" in your kid's behavior unless (as Dove said) there is an immediate need to correct them due to dangerous activity. If he wants to set rules for his home, he can communicate those rules to you and you can enforce them while you're there. If he's watching them without you there, then he should be able to correct them (by providing guidance, but not "punish" them). He has absolutely no say in what happens in your home, and if he's uncomfortable then by all means he doesn't have to come over. Sounds like your brother is full of himself and needs to back off and let you parent your own children.


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Dove - posted on 06/25/2015




Unless your children are being a danger to themselves or to him or his property... he has no right to have any input in what they do or do not do in your home. He DOES have the right to set whatever rules he wants in his home... and you guys can choose to go over there or not. He can have whatever opinion he wants outside of his home, but if he can't keep it to himself (again... unless they are in danger or they are violating something of his).. he doesn't need to be around them. Stand up for your kids.. and let him stand up for himself/his home.

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