An unpunishable child

Angela - posted on 07/15/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My grandson just turned 4. We, I mean the mother, father and both sets of grandparents, are at wits end. We have spanked him, taken away tv time, taken away toys, playtime, snacks, and put him in time out; but he still doesn't follow rules or listen to simple requests. Most of the rules are the same at all three homes. Tv is the one that is different at all three homes and the one rule we have the least trouble with him about. He kicks, pinches, hits (I mean punches) and bites his older sister and others for no reason. He jumps on furniture, back and forth, he takes things that don't belong to him, breaks things and lies, is mean to animals and throws fits. Also, he refuses to be potty trained? Would this behavior be considered normal for a severe case of ADHD? His doctor swears there is no way he is ADHD. Any ideas on how to get him to behave? By the way, the only spanking we do is when he hurts others, and we hit with only our hands and only on his clothed bottom. We don't abuse him in any way, not even verbally. Words like "sissy", "cry baby", "stupid", and "dumb" are part of our "don't say, cuss words" list.

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