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How do you calm a child that seems to have a lot of anger?


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calm voice and singing is what works for me My grandmother gave me the best advise on dealing with frustrating situations she said to sing and it'll keep you calm and help to calm everyone else too. and you know what it's amazing how well it works!


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It might be helpful to know the age of your angry child.

It would be helpful to practice with the child how to make happy choices and what is appropriate for when we're angry. My youngest has anger issues. We've been practicing for years and he's made huge improvements. It's something he'll have to deal with his whole life, so the younger we give them help, the better. I've taught my son it's okay to go beat up on a pillow, not his brother.

Later when he has calmed down, we discuss the situation and talk about what might have been other options for dealing with the situation so that he wouldn't be angry. Then we practice saying and doing those better choices. It will not work to practice while he is angry.

If you can notice the symptoms coming before he is angry you can help him through a difficult situation. It is also critical for you to keep your emotions in check so that he can follow your example and see that it is possible to get through a difficult situation through discussion or simply walk away without exploding.

I know it's hard, but this really works. It also may be helpful for you to get him involved in high energy activities, depending on his age. Wear him down regularly! Exercise is very therapeutic to the mind.

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