Anger and telling me to "go away!"

Jessica - posted on 07/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I read that if the child is telling you to go away you should stay and help him process his anger, or should I give him space? I know every child is different, my son is very bright, active and quick to anger when not getting his way. Also any advice on taming outburst over wanting things would be helpful??



Ev - posted on 07/06/2013




You probably need to let the kid have his or her space when they get angry and tell you to go away. If they can say this and act on it they are old enough to warrant that need of space. It will give the child time to cool off and you as well. As for not getting his own way, you need to set the rules and stick by them. IF he has a fit about getting things he wants, tell him he has a choice to make: stop tossing a fit or you will leave. If he stops fine, if not leave the place you are at. At home same thing, give a choice on what he can do: go to room or stop the outburst. And follow through. A lot of kids seem to think they are entitled to everything they see on a silver platter. They do not understand what it takes to earn money and make ends meet. Its an instant gratification for them. Do not give in when he has outbursts or demands things. He needs to learn who is in charge.

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