Anger gene passed down from a parent?

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I have a daughter who has fits of anger and discontent personality at times. I was told as a child that I wasn't an angry baby or toddler, very sucky and loving and smiley - my daughter has the smiling side and loves to laugh.

Than from what I am told, my ex's experience as a child was that he threw tantrums all the time, totally discontent and if another child touched one of his toys, he would go and break every single one in the house --- fits of rage.

My daughter has the fits of rage, she throws herself down constantly, gets angry easily, slaps, hits, bites at at times.

I am not asking for anyone to tell me how to disciple a child like this- as I work very closely with her day care and we work together on managing discipline. My day care has never complained to me about it - Basically I am the one frustrated with this. Do you believe the genes in (anger, happy...etc) can be passed down?

My daughter is 18 months old.


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Personality is half genetics half environment. I see bits of my husband and myself in both of our kids.

Your daughter might need more firm discipline than another child. If she's in the 3's than chances are she is testing your authority and you just need to stand firm.

My daughter tests me constantly, she's spend entire days in her room. Save for eating and going potty.

One good way to end fits of rage, is to give the child the words to express the feeling.

When my daughter gets extremely frustrated and angry at her brother, after the initial time out (if it is needed), I sit her down and talk to her very calmly about how she acted and how she should have acted. I let her explain how it made her feel, and why she felt that was the way to act. After doing this with her I found that her outbursts reduced tremendously. She still has them, especially when she is tired, but that is to be expected.

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