anger issues

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Hey mommies.. I feel so frustrated and depressed.. My son is 2years8months.. I feel that I'm always angry with him,never play withbhim,always shouting at him.. At night when I thnk of hw I treat him I just burst out crying.. His so adorable just very hyper,but no matter what he does it has me screaming at him.. I feel so lost.


Gabriela - posted on 08/19/2013




HEY!..don't worry it happens.first time mommy?..I think you should really make an effort to get out of those blues :)!..try to focus more on how much you love him & try not to let him get the best of you.try taking him to the park.get him tired that always seems to work with my daughter. she is also 2 & she has a lot of energy, & remember they are at the stage where they are very curious. try buying him a tricycle & go out for walks with him.also you know theres a lot of dvds where he can learn & can get him to use up all his energy by making him mock the characters moves. you should also make sure your house is what i call child proof..remove everything you have at his reach that you dnt want him to touch. member as parents we gotta make sacrifices & before you know it all that stuff you put away will eventually come back out once he gets a little older & has a little more consept. Remember HE IS YOUR BABY & YOU LUV HIM!..try talking to him everytime he does something wrong.he does understand you.other than if you yell all he hears is mommy mad & doesnt quite understand what went wrong. try also taking some parenting classes they do work.. wish you luck!..

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