anger management in my 5 year old


Ariana - posted on 09/27/2013




Try to be more specific. Are you saying your 5 year old is in need of anger management?

What specific behaviors are you concerned about?

Sometimes certain behaviors can be changed or modified. So if he hits, you give him a time-out; he throws a tantrum somewhere he gets taken away until he calms down or you leave (depending). At this age the best consequences should be right away, but different behaviors need different types of intervention.

Also you should focus on replacing the negative behaviors with positive ones. Usually anger is just the outward expression of frustration, sadness or any other number of emotions.

Try to voice his feelings, if he's upset telling him it's okay to say "I'm mad" or "that's really frustrating!" can actually be quite helpful. Along with trying to teach calming techniques (deep breathing, counting to 10, going to a room to calm down) should be incorporated. Try to explain these things to him when he's not angry and have him practice, then you can try to incorporate it into a time when he's starting to get upset.

If you are more specific you can get better advice on how to deal with his behaviors. Plus trying to fix all of his behaviors may be too much.

Focus on the most important behaviors, if he's hitting/biting that is more important than him being annoying, that type of thing. Focus on the top 2 or 3 and really work on fixing those behaviors.

Oh and positive feedback goes a long way. My son is kind of high-maintenance and I definitely can see how positive feedback can do wonders for a situation. It's much better to make a big deal about how great your kid was on the bus then to harp on and on about how badly he did.

That's a lot but hope some of it is relevant to you!

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