Angry 2 year old after visits with father

Shay - posted on 01/02/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 year old son comes home angry and banging on cupboards, won't let me touch him, even to take off his coat. I have had this for a while now. He has left and stayed the night at my friends house as they baby sat and never came home angry just with his father. I figured it was terrible two's but now I just don't know. He can't tell me much and his father and I aren't on good speaking terms. The less said the better. Should I be concerned? I've asked the DR. and the reply I get is 'it's the stress of being transferred'. I hope that is all.


Holly - posted on 01/03/2013




start teaching him to talk a little more so that he can tell you things. does your ex have a new wife? are their other children involved? could be that he is used to one on one attention and isn't getting it there. kind of seems as if he is trying to get attention, and after visits with his dad, that is how he gets it...


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Ev - posted on 01/03/2013




You need to be communicating with the father. How else are you going to know what is going on with your son? By not communicating with the dad, you keep yourself out of the loop in ways to help your boy. That is what needs changed first.

Second, transitioning is another thing that kids this age do not like. The changes back and forth could be causing him to act out. Again, you need to find out if he is doing the same at dad's.

Third, you need to establish boundries he can understand when he gets home, not hitting, no pushing. etc. Let him have time to calm down. If you have to leave his coat on for a bit, I can guarentee when he gets hot he will want it off. Once he is calm then try to hold him or whatever. Try to get him to tell you what he did at dad's. Ask pointed but easily understood questions.

Finally, if you do not get any communication going with dad about your son, this will continue.

Shay - posted on 01/03/2013




The father does not have a new wife, or is dating that I am aware of. He lives at home with his mother and sister. And our son it the youngest on his side and my side of the family. The closest age to our child is 10 years old. So no other children are involved. As for the one on one attention, I assume that is what our son is getting when he is there. Believe me I have asked how the day was and what he ate. But unfortunately its best we don't communicate. I have been told, at the beginning of this, it is an attention thing when he gets home. I guess the next question would be, how do I handle the situation at hand? Am I looking at it too deep?

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