Angry and Arrogant 17 Year Old

Sinead - posted on 08/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a single Mom, divorced 3 years, with 3 kids. My middle child, a 17 year old son, has become so incredibly angry and arrogant that I no longer know what to do. He is brilliant, carrying a 97% average at a prestigious prep school (senior in high school), taking all college credit classes. He is also clean a sober, an athlete who takes seriously his sport and his health. So, all of that is good. I know and like his friends - great kids, really. But my son is untouchable. He yells, curses, and says the meanest, most demeaning things anyone could ever articulate. His father, my ex-husband, is an angry man, and now my son has taken that emotional place in our home. When my son is upset (and he almost always is), the whole family knows it. He could not care less about anyone except himself and routinely and loudly criticizes his brother (19) and sister (9). The words "kindness and respect" come out of my mouth frequently, to no avail. He leaves dirty dishes everywhere, drops his filthy socks wherever they land, and routinely violates curfew. He ridicules me for trying to discipline him, convinced that his excellent grades and his clean living (e.g., no alcohol or drugs) is enough. He also is incredibly hateful to the man I am dating. I am actively engaged in my kids' lives; I run my own business; I work hard; pray a lot; and try to maintain a sense of humor. But I am ready to give up on this young man. OK, not really, but what can I do? He won't attend counseling - I tried. He won't read written rules - I tried. He won't discuss rules - I tried. He just yells and everyone shrinks. Clearly it is time for me to revamp my strategy.

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