Animal Backpack with Leash

Michelle - posted on 08/21/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




What are other moms' opinions about using those animal backpacks with leashes attached in crowded stores with an unruly toddler? Oh, by the way, she LOVES wearing it right now.


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Ev - posted on 08/21/2013




When I grew up I was taught to hold hands or to stay right beside my parent. I passed this on to my own kids who grew up with those leashes came out first time but did not have the back pack to go with it. I thought it looked demeaning being on the child and did not teach the kid or kids what they needed to know about staying with the adult. I taught mine much the same way Sarah did and it worked with both. When they were little and not walking a lot or we went places that we did a lot of walking around, they were in the stroller. They both knew that when we got to the mall or a special place and the stroller got out they had to get into it and stay there. When they got too big to go in the cart seat or the big basket part, I taught them both to hold on the end of the cart near me. As they both got older, I allowed them to move up the cart by degrees so they had their "independence" but I had control. When they got older, they were walking beside me and not running off in the store, mall or other large places. The KEY is I taught them. Its not too much trouble to teach a single child, twins or two close in age how to hold a hand and stay with mom or dad. What I hate to see is all those back pack leashes on kids and the parents are not really still paying attention to the kid. I still think its quite demeaning and does not teach the kid how to stay with parents. I think a lot of people take advantage of it to do their parenting for them. Now, I can understand if the child has some issues and needs it. But most kids do have the ability to learn how to behave and listen. Its up to the parents to do it. Just seems like they do not want to do their job as a parent. THat is just my opinion.

Crystal - posted on 08/21/2013




I use them but only when we go to the zoo or where we are gunna be out and about which results in them being in the car so they want to walk in the store. I love using mine bc I know that they are safe but I use it more as a precaution then something to control them with. .i hold their hand and explain that they need to hold my hand the whole time.I have twin 19 month olds and they both like wearing it ... they put them on and where them around the house. I get weird looks but I ignore those stares

Sarah - posted on 08/21/2013




I think every mom has to make their own decision on them. If they are unable to control their toddler and that is the safest way they have to keep them close then that keeps the child safe. For me personally I work on teaching my kids the rules which they need to follow when we go out. I have very strict boundaries and am very firm on those boundaries. I also do day care and carry that over to my day care kids when we are out and about. Often times I either have a grocery cart or a stroller with me. The rule is is if you are walking you must hold onto the stroller or the cart....otherwise you are put into the stroller or cart or if too big or I have too many little ones that can't walk and need to be in the stroller we don't move until their hand is back on the stroller. We also do this in a less crowded place like walking around the block, so when we are in a crowded place they are use to the rules and know what is expected. If I am out with out a stroller or cart then they must hold my hand and their neighbors hand. Again we develop a system and practice that where there is not lots of cars or people, so when we get into a place where there are lots the kids know what to do. I have been doing this for 15 years and have never felt like I needed a leash. I think that kids can be taught how they need to act and what the expectations are even at 2 or 3 yrs old.

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