annoying sister in law living in my house!

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Hello, I was wondering if I can get some advice on how to deal with my annoying sister in law , she's living in my house.she's a nice person but she was living with her parents and they have since retired and sold their house and moved out of the her brother suggested she come to Texas with us....she's 30 years old I'm 25 and I just don't understand why is she a late bloomer in life? She gets mad and throws a fit when I displine her nephew which is my stepson, but yet again when I displine my daughter her niece( which is with her brother) she doesn't spa out....I feel like she should be on the ball living on her own, stop depending on us and her parents and mind her own....anybody have any advice on how to bring it up to her when she's been here a year as to when is she moving out ...I just feel like she's not going to be motivated on her own to do it...not to mention that financially I'm not doing to good....I can't afford buying and buying food for a army , she only gives me 250.00 a month and her brother told her that was OK I'm thinking no its not because we pay gas,water, cable, food, and a house please thanks


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I agree with Chana. You need to start by talking to your husband and do so gently. Let him know that his sister living with you should be a temporary situation (a year has already gone by, and that's a long time), and that all three of you as a family need to help her get on her feet out on her own.

She should not throw a fit on how you and your husband raise your combined children. It's not her place. I will say, as a step-mom, that I feel discipline of step-kids should be the duty of the natural parents whenever possible. I realize there are times that you would be watching them with your husband not there, and maybe couldn't wait for him to get home before the issue needs to be addressed. I'm just saying that you should try to limit what punishment you give to a child that is not biologically yours. But if you and your husband have agreed on punishment guidelines, then that's between you and still non of your SIL's business.

Chana - posted on 04/01/2015




I think the best place to start might be to talk to your husband. If you so do it is important to remember that regardless of how annoying she is to you that is still his sister so you will need to approach it gently. If you don't want to do that your next best thing would be to talk to her directly but again gently. Neither of them may realize how you feel so unless you say something it can't change. You could also offer to help her look for an apartment that might help. I am just throwing out suggestion here not sure any of them will work for you but these are things I would try.
As far as her throwing a fit when you discipline your step son that maybe because she does not see you as a mother figure to him because you are not his biological mother but it is OK for you to discipline your own daughter. Again just my thoughts

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