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My beautiful 7 year old daughter was removed by social services for the second time. I have been battling depression after the death of my son. I had issues with cleaning our home, I corrected the issue and she was returned.

A year later I was for the most part keeping our home clean, it was cluttered, but not nasty, G (my daughter) was having problems in school, and they claimed it was because I was abusing her! Next thing I know social services was taking G again! When the social worker arrived, I was doing laundry. My apartment is very small so with all the clothes on the floor you couldn't walk through the living room.

I wasn't given a case plan for three months after G was removed, but my case file said I was given my case plan the day of the admit/deny hearing! I lost my insurance a week after G was removed and wasn't informed about it until I tried to get in to see a psychiatrist (I was on meds, but the social worker wanted me to see a new psychiatrist and get on different anti-depressants) I didn't get my insurance back for 4 months, therefor I could not get any of the services that was required.

In September I was doing everything I was required. I never missed an appointment, our home was pristine! (accept when I was on Effexor, which has debilitating side-effects) When I told the social worker all the things I was doing (working my case plan) she started accusing me of being on drugs! The only drugs I was doing was my anti-depressants! The last time I smoked pot was when I was 13 years old! I did a drug test, when it came back clean, she decided that something I wrote on my facebook back in 2008 was a direct threat to her, she called the police on me, and, well, the cop laughed at her.

G has been gone for 9 months now, I'm still doing supervised visits with her for an hour a week, I talk to her on the phone sometime up to 3 times a day, but on December 20th (G's 8th birthday) the social worker is going to petition to terminate my parental rights! G's therapist wants to start "preparing G and me for the impending adoption". My heart aches so bad! I've done everything they asked me to do right down to the letter, yet they are still going to take my baby from me! I'm not a bad mom! I never neglected or abused my daughter! If you spoke to G for even 5 seconds you would know she has a good life at home. G is intelligent, healthy, caring, empathetic, imaginative, sweet, social, and she already speaks 4 languages, and was learning a 5th when she was ripped away from her home!

It feels like my daughter is being dragged to slaughter, and all I can do is watch!


Glenda - posted on 12/02/2012




I'm so sorry you are going through this. I will put you in my prayers. I as a foster parent can only say do everything they ask of you. And you say you are. I do not know what more they want from you. Do you have a lawyer? Is he/she fighting for your rights? Maybe you need to ask for a new lawyer. Again I am sorry for you and your daughter.

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