Another Baby... Not planned .. Not happy ?

Sherilee - posted on 05/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are married just a lil over a year... we have a beautiful 11 month baby boy.. and he has a 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son from previous relationships. We have recently found out that we are pregnant again... i am so stressed and depressed about it and he wants to have the baby... i dont.. we need time as a couple.. we struggling with our busy lives already, and finances arent great... i dont feel we stable enough to have another baby , and im not ready emoionally and physically.My husband and I are not in the right state to bring another baby into our home.. he refuses to even listen to my feelings or understand my fears. what should i do ?


Louise - posted on 05/09/2012




Its your body and the last say should be yours. Sit him down and tell him again that you do not want this baby. He cant ignore you, he has to listen. Let him put his case forward for keeping the baby then state yours. If it is down to finances then that can be sorted, but if you feel this would put a strain on the relationship to the point it could break down then this is serious. You would be the one left with the baby that you did not want in the first place. He has to understand this. Is it fair on a child to be brought into the world that is not wanted. The answer simply to that is no.

Just make sure you think this through together, either way there is a lot of emotion attached. Could you go through with an abortion, that in its self is a major strain on a relationship especially if he wanted the baby. You have time to decide, just make sure you have made the right decision and can live with it either way.

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