Another mother attacked my mothering for no reason

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My daughter was at a sleepover and it went array. She went to tell the mother what was happening between them and there was no parent in the house. She is 11. So, she decided to text me and let me know what was going on. I came over and picked her up. Talked to the mother and thi is where things are not adding up. Told me she was there, but in a text I saw later, she said she wasn't home. The next day I got a message stating that with all my texting to my daughter is not helping her which possibly lead too the ending of the night and proceeded to text that my daughter lies all the time about stuff. Then after the mother diagnosed my daughter of anxiety, defends herself promptly about how good she is and her mothering. huh? I was like where did this come from? The girls had a long day and long night, period. I offered to have the girls resolve it in our presence because of the finger pointing going on, a after she agreed, its been over 2 weeks now. Nothing. My daughter is so worried she lost a good friend. My response back was pleasant and left it to them to call us when she has time. But, looking at the texts and previous discussions, things aren't adding up. Sounds like the mother is telling me things, but her daughter tells my daughter the opposite. The day of the sleepover I was in more contact with my daughter, usually shes gone and I see her the next day. but that day, I wanted her to come home and finish her mess she ran out on and a call to see if she was staying for dinner. So I guess that's why my daughter is anxious? don't make sense to be attacked like this, I have every right to contact MY daughter when needed and would like parental backup.


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Sounds like that other mother wasn't supervising in an appropriate manner, and once caught in the middle of it by you picking your daughter up because she'd become uncomfortable about the situation she was in, the woman got defensive and vindictive.
It would probably be best to cut ties all around, as it seems that both mom and daughter are fabricating things. Daughter learned it from mom, and sees it as normal behaviour.

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