another punishment other than beating!

Xoliwe - posted on 09/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 3yrs boy is very naughty, he doesnt listen sometimes when i call him he just keep quiet. He is worce infront of people it makes me feel embarassed when i shout him he shouts back and when i beat him he beats back. How can i punish him so that he can understand he is wrong?


Jen - posted on 09/13/2013




By shouting and hitting him, you are teaching him that it is acceptable to shout and hit people. You need to teach him how to be respectful to other people by being respectful TO HIM. You need to talk to him and explain in language he can understand why you find his behavior unacceptable. You should not say that HE is naughty, you can say that his ACTIONS are naughty or bad, but HE is not a bad child. If you tell him he is a bad child, than he will act like a bad child. You should focus on rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. Be sure to thank him if he does something you ask, and praise him when he is kind to you or to others. When he acts up, punishments should not be physical (hitting), but instead use time-outs in his room, no dessert or snacks, no TV, etc. Our children are how they are because of how we raise them. They learn by watching and imitating us, and by how we treat them and how we treat each other.

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