anterior / prosterior placenta ???

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I am a little over 18 weeks pregnant. When I feel the baby move it is the lower left side . When they have been able to get the heartbeat it has been the same area. I have slight back pain on the left side. When I look up the difference of anterior and prosterior , I am confused to which it may be. any ideas?? Thanks!


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Elfrieda - posted on 12/24/2011




You're still not very far along. When the baby gets bigger you'll feel it all over the place! I don't know what the pain might be, except maybe some pain from the organs shifting around to make room, or the round ligament pains from your uterus stretching as the baby grows. If it's on the underside of your belly, right by your hipbones, it's almost for sure "round ligament pains". Very normal, but if they come when you're working hard, just take it a bit easier. That's what my dr told me. I was helping my husband build a garage, lifting heavy things and climbing ladders and hammering, etc. The dr said it was all fine, just "if it hurts, stop doing it".

I didn't even feel my baby move until 21 weeks. But he was stretching out my ribcage and kicking me in the liver before long.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/23/2011




So, the placenta can really be anywhere. Anterior means the front, and posterior means towards the back. I had a low lying anterior placenta. When it is in the front, often it will be difficult to feel the baby move until they are much bigger. When you get your 24 week ultrasound (or around 20 and up I should say) they will be able to tell you the position of your placenta. No worries right now, you are feeling the baby, and they can successfully get the heart rate. That is good.

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