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Sharyn - posted on 01/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




or whatever its called ....

i recently had a blood test and it was discovered i have this antibody .... it was passed to me by my husband thru my daughter when i was pregnant with her.
Now we are faced with the decision as to whether have a 2nd baby - start trying in a year(i recently had a miscarriage). because i've read alot of stuff on the internet about this antibody and how it affects pregnancies and i know that sometimes being really informed isnt a good thing but i feel in this it is important to be well informed ...

has any of you gone thru this? had this antibody or have it?

i'm planning on having another blood test to reconfirm it, maybe with luck it was a mistake and i dont have it ......

any helpful advice etc is appreciated.


Tina - posted on 12/15/2010




Hi Sharyn. Yes i had this antibody when i was pregnant with my second. I was already pregnant when i found out and it did affect my pregnancy. I THINK you can get additional testing done to be sure whether the baby will have this E protein like his/her father. If it does, you having the antibody could affect the baby

Your levels will have to be checked and the titer will be monitored, i beleive once it goes to 1:8 you will start to need ultrasounds to monitor the baby. Mine went from 1:4 to 1:32 in 4 weeks and i needed to be seen 1x week at first. At the ultrasounds they monitor the babys cerebral artery for anemia. There is so much more, just contasct me if youd like!

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