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Ema - posted on 01/31/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hey all.
I've started facebook fan page called "For all girls who are left behind when BF are playing Wow". My boyfriend, just like your I guess is absolutely obsessed by World of Warcraft, and I've decided to create this page to unite all the girls who are bored and desperate because of their "boyfriends".
I truly hope to gather about 1,000,000 girls on my page, and then to ask kindly BLIZZARD to return our boyfriends only for a day... one day without World of Warcraft ...
It sound like a dream ...
Please girls help me !!!


Denikka - posted on 02/01/2013




As much as I can understand your situation (my bf used to play WoW) and as much as I can understand your desire to *unite the forgotten girlfriends/WoW Widows*, I think you need to stop and think about what you're actually proposing here.

Okay, a FB page, great, fine, whatever. There's really no issue there.
Creating a forum for people to go to complain about the amount of WoW their partner plays, fine. Everyone needs to rant and ranting to like-minded people is generally where you'll find the most sympathy.

But asking Blizzard to shut down the servers for a day, even just one day, is ridiculous. Do you really think that they would even THINK about doing it.
Their players PAY for a service. It's one thing to shut things down for a couple of hours to do maintenance and other routine things. Those things HAVE to be done. And it's an accepted thing on behalf of the player. But how would you feel if your power got cut off for 24 hours, while you still paid for it, because the power company wanted to help protest the Green Cause. Or if you went to the gas pump, prepaid, and THEN found out that there would be no gas that day because all the gas and oil companies were protesting the use of fossil fuels, but you weren't going to get your money back. You cannot just take away a service that someone has prepaid for, for frivolous reasons, and not expect huge backlash from your customers.
You're basically asking the company to shut down their game in protest of...their own game. Yea. . .a company is NOT going to protest against their own product. It would be disastrous. The money they would lose from pissed off players leaving and from their stocks crashing.....they're not going to do that to themselves.

You propose 1 million people. Do you understand the scale of WoW? Even if you had 1 million people actively protesting against WoW, in person, in forums, in demonstrations, what? WoW is TEN MILLION players strong. 1 million disgruntled girlfriends mean nothing to Blizzard. That's not even touching on the rest of the world who either doesn't care enough either way, is too broke to play, or otherwise doesn't hate WoW. All those people are potential customers for Blizzard. Once again, 1 peasly million disgruntled girlfriends is a drop in the bucket and pretty much meaningless to Blizzard.

Not to mention that there are many on WoW who don't have a partner, or who don't have a partner who minds them playing WoW when they do, or have a partner who plays with them. So your 1 million disgruntled girlfriends will have 1 million boyfriends who play. And I can just about guarantee that, with even the remote possibility of a shut down, not to mention the complaining and nagging etc, that number will drastically drop. Then you'll have a chunk of those 1 million girl who now have EX boyfriends who play WoW.

How about, as mentioned by others, instead of blaming a game and instead of complaining about your boyfriend not spending time with you, you have a couple of different options.
1) Play WoW with him. It's fun, and there's always new content to make things interesting. If you're lvl 65 now, you've become a newb again. It's gone up to lvl 90 with the new expansions, the world is about 4 times bigger now, there's hundreds, if not thousands of new quests, there's new characters, etc etc etc. (I did this one)

2) Ask him to limit his time. Set aside certain time for you and certain time for WoW. Be fair and be reasonable. Letting him play one hour of WoW a day is not reasonable. Raiding for example usually takes about 4 hours, so maybe set aside specific days for raids and allow him most of the evening (I also did this one)

3)Find yourself a new boyfriend who doesn't play WoW. Or any video games really, And who shares hobbies with you. That way you won't have to compete with a game for his attention and you'll have things you can do together.

Like Amy said, you can't change people. You can make certain desires known to your partner, like wanting to spend more time with them, but you can't force them to do it. If he doesn't want to meet your needs, and you're so unhappy with the situation, find a different situation. Help yourself. Find a man who is what you're looking for. Not a man who could potentially be what you're looking for, one day, if he changes,

Ariana - posted on 01/31/2013




Maybe you should get a new boyfriend. If he wasn't playing Wow he'd be playing COD or some other game.


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Amy - posted on 02/01/2013




You can't change people, so therefore you are never going to make your boyfriend a better person he is who he is. My best advice to you since he's just a boyfriend right now is, he's supposed to be on his best behavior right now while you are dating, if you don't see that now it's only going to get worse if you ever become engaged or married so think long and hard about the relationship you are in.

Ema - posted on 02/01/2013




I tried to play with him, I've 65 level hunter :D, but i don't have free time like him for games, and when I have some free time I rather to go out with friends or with my dog. .. He's not spending "ALL" of his time playing wow, but most of the time he play.
I believe he's not the worse case, but I know that there are a lot of girls who are having the same problem, and that there are much more whores cases of boys who are absolutely obsessed of this game (or some other game doesn't matter ) For some boys this is not a hobby, its obsession, and in my opinion that's not healthy at all.
Only girls who have the same problem can understand me completely, and I wanna get all of them together and make something good for our boyfriends :)

Liz - posted on 01/31/2013




Why not play it with him? I used to, when we both played. We play something else now, when we have time.

You don't have to be 'bored and desperate' because your guy has a different hobby to you, you know. If you don't want to share that hobby with him, share another hobby with him. If it's the case that he's spending ALL his spare time with WoW and not with you, then really, it's the boyfriend that's at fault, not the game. :)

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