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I am getting so tired of the constant argument I have to have with my MIL. She is the most wonderful person I know. She is great to me, and an awesome grandma, but she can't get it in her head that antibiotics don't cure everything! My youngest 2 (ages 3y and 4 months) have had croup at least twice this winter, and the youngest one was hospitalized for RSV about a month ago. All were viral infections. My MIL was mortified that they were never put on antibiotics. She is always convincing my husband (even when we didn't have insurance) to go see a doc for an antibiotic for a little sore throat, or a cough, or ANYTHING. I did go to an express care place 3 nights ago, because I was getting a sore throat that was so bad, I could hardly get water to go down. The doc there did a strep test and it came back neg, but was very concerned at how swollen my tonsils were that he gave me an antibiotic just in case it was some other bacteria. Last night my throat was getting worse, I was waking up constantly the night before, because when I would fall asleep and everything would relax and the swelling was cutting off my airway, and because I couldn't swallow food, the antibiotics and the 600mg of motrin I was to be taking, were killing my stomach. My doc couldn't get me in her office til Fri, so I went to the ER. The ER doc was convinced it was a viral infection and gave me steroids to get the swelling down and D/C'd the antibiotic. My MIL watched our kids while we were gone, and when we came back, she told me I should just take the antibiotics anyway since I already had it! I tried to tell her that it is a viral infection and antibiotics only kill bacteria, and it is very bad to take an antibiotic when you don't need it, but she just isn't convinced. Does anyone else ever struggle with this? Have you found a way to get through to people, and more specifically the older generation who were taught that antibiotics cure everything?


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Tell her about MRSA. The reason we have super bugs today is because of the over-use of antibiotics and antiseptics.

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I hear ya. My MIL thinks I should go to the doctor every time my kid has sniffles for 5 minutes and get anti-biotics. I just tell her to neckup and that antibiotics are worse than not taking antibiotics for something that isn't that serious.

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Omg! I feel your pain, a family member in my family is the same way. She tells me her kid is on antibotics for strep she doesnt have. URGGGG This is why antibotics dont work when we really need them! Btw this family member is our generation, she is convinced these are magic pills that cure flus, colds, and anything else that makes you ill. In the 2 1/2 years her daughter has been alive, she has taken more antibotics than all 3 of my child have in their lives, and they are the ages 12-2. Drives me completely bonkers, my hubby and I have tried to explain to her 10000 times!

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I get it too. People forget that doctors aren't as lenient with medications and antibiotics as they use to be. Antibiotics are not for everything and certain viruses are better left to go away on their own.

Like Katherine said, maybe you could print something off for her to read. You could go online and search what the problem is and depending on the site a lot of the time it will give you recommendations or advice on what can be done. Or maybe just get a note from your doctor explaining that to her and it should help put her at ease.

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Maybe you should print something out for her? Would that help?
Just say, hey I found this and thought you would like to read it.
Either that or just ignore her....

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I don't want to hurt her feelings, because she is so great about everything else. She is always there to help us, but only if we ask. She's a great friend to talk to, and I always feel like I can completely be myself in front of her, bad days and all. I know she only says this out of concern for everyones health, because that is what she was taught. I just want to get it in her had that the kids and rest of the family don't always need antibiotics, and the more antibiotics are used, the more resistant germs become to them.

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Sadly I have just turned around and told my DH that he needed to get it clear with his family that these are OUR kids and we will raise them the way WE want. They can follow our rules or don't come around. They tend to voice their disagreement once or twice but no more. Since it is your MIL I would insist that your DH deal with it and cause a minor dominance war if need be. Of course I am very blunt so you could always try being subtle. See if that works. :)

Louise - posted on 02/17/2011




You are quite right antibiotics only work on an infection and just give you an upset stomach if taken for no reason.

If your mother in law is a silver surfer of the internet then sit her infront of the computer and type in antibiotics and there uses and leave her to read it. I always like to let my body fight infection for it's self before I reach for the pills but in my childrens case I like them seen by a doctor as I am not medically trained. Alot of drugs out there have so many side effects so you end up feeling worse than you did before.

You stick to your guns, you know what your own body needs and you know your children well enough to tell when they are really sick so just ignore her.

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