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I had my daughter 3 weeks ago on Thursday by c-section due to her being breech, I contracted an infection in my uterus as a result and am on strong antibiotics, I want to continue breastfeeding but the antibiotics are upsetting her tummy, anybody have suggestions to settle her, I didn't want to put her on formula so young. =(


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Cheers Dove. It turns out she has a little infection in her belly button from the cord so the antibiotics in my breastmilk were probably a good thing. I will look into probiotics for babies. Thankyou for the advice. =)

Dove - posted on 09/02/2012




Talk to your doctor, but there are probiotics that you should be able to give her. I don't have much information other than that since I didn't use them with any of mine, but a friend of mine did.... years ago. :)

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