Anxiety/depressed stay at home mom

Lisa - posted on 01/14/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a stay at home mom for my two sons which are 11 months apart my youngest is one and my oldest is two. I have been a stay at home mom since my first born was about 2 months old when I got laid off from my job and shortly there after found out I was pregnant again with our second boy. I have loved and enjoyed it every since but for some reason within the last few months I started getting more and more depressed and a lot more of aniexty of my husband going to work. I finally couldn't take the feeling anymore and I went to the Dr and they gave me some medication to take but my insurance won't cover it right now because we are on a short term plan my husband just changed jobs a few weeks ago so I'm trying to manage it on my own but with no luck in sight. I feel like I have a missing piece inside me and I don't know how to fill it. I love my boys but I'm home alone with no friends to talk to, no family and a husband that has to work. I thought about maybe getting a part-time job to see if that will help but I want to do office work and I've applied for jobs but I never get a phone call back because I haven't been working in almost 3 years so nobody looks at me to hire. I'm at a lost and not sure how to fix this feeling, I tried groups too at church but it's just not what I'm looking for it still doesn't fill that hole I feel inside. My husband has been very patient and supportive of my feelings and is trying to so everything in his power to help me even telling his work that his wife is depressed so he needs to get off earlier to be home to help her and support her but his work doesn't really seem like they care plus he is in a management role so he needs to be there to supervisor his worker so how do I function while he is off at work I feel like I just can't breath with out him. I'm practically waiting at the door staring at the clock waiting for him to come home.

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