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Dawn - posted on 06/20/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I know there are other posts out there, but wanted to start a new one. I'm so just at a loss. My daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a while ago, is in counseling, and has been on generic zoloft for 3 or 4 months now. The counselors never tell you ANYTHING, since the age of 13 it's against the confidentiality clause. When I found razors and bloody cotton balls in her room, I couldn't believe it. All the emotions came bubbling up-- anger, incredulousness, worry, sadness, guilt, fear, anger. I went online and tried to find out everything I could, but mostly, how I should react to it in front of my daughter. I ended up being very calm, told her of the dangers, which of course she is aware, etc.

She told me she had stopped, then I found more razors in her room this week. Again, ANGER. I know I'm not supposed to get angry, but damn it! She's smarter than this! In fact, she's always been in the "highly capable" classes and she knows the dangers.

I waited so long to have children (I was 36 when I had her) because I was afraid she would inherit my addiction gene, among many other fears, but I never ever thought I would have a child with mental disorders. She told me she's been making herself vomit. Not a lot, but once in awhile. What next?? She thinks she might be gay. Which is not a mental disorder by any means, but it just means life is going to be that much harder for her. I have absolutley NOTHING against being gay, I just know how some people react to it, and as a parent, I wish her life wasn't any more difficult than it has to be.

ANYWAY. She sees a therapist, she's on zoloft, she has at least one liberal, open parent (me), so why does she continue to cut??

I am at a loss. I told her I was going to have to take all the razors away again, and if she wants to shave, she'll have to ask me for one. I don't want to humiliate her, but I don't want her cutting too deeply, or getting infected either.

OH, and in Feb., she took a bunch of pills (all we had in the house were her zoloft and my blood pressure meds), immediately regretted it, called a hotline then told me. I'll be paying for the hospital and ambulance bill for awhile.

I am at a complete loss.

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