Anxiety issues over Cloth Diapering.

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Hello ladies!
I am looking for all the benefits you've found from cloth diapers, and why you choose to cloth diaper in the first place.

I am new to cloth diapering, and am planning on doing so with our second child when he is born in September. I had found an online cloth diaper depot close to where we live, and I placed a rather large order for Applecheeks cloth diapers, detergent soaps, and other accessories. The total was around $800 CDN.
After making the purchase my husband says "Are you suuuurrree you want to do this"..

Now I am second guessing, and doubting if I should have placed the order. At first I was really excited to try something new, but now I am scared of the unknown.

I need encouraging, uplifting, logical responses to why cloth diapers are awesome and to restore my faith in my decision!


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Your husband probably has bad visions of cloth diapers, and horror stories from his mom.

But, rest assured...Cloth is good! Both of mine were allergic to something in the disposables, so I didn't have a choice.

So, your encouraging, uplifting, and logical response follows:

First of all, with cloth, you're not exposing baby's skin to chemicals that they may be sensitive to. And, you're not tossing them in the local landfill! Since they've not figured out how to recycle disposables, that's a big thing. Another plus is that if they have a rash (from something they've eaten) it's easier for that to heal in cloth diapers, which breathe. Lots of diaper rash results from the skin not being able to breathe, and the moisture sitting against the skin.

I would agree with Kaitlin on the expense, that seems a bit high to me, but I didn't use a service, nor did I buy in bulk. I went to the local discount store, found 100% cotton, and away I went. Also, you don't need the fancy soaps! If you're using a special detergent for the baby clothes, (DREFT was my choice), it will work for the diapers as well. But, Kaitlin's make it yourself is also a good recipe!

The main thing that I learned was this: If you can, rinse them immediately. If you're out and about, carry something like ziploc bags with you to hold the soiled ones until you can get home and rinse them.

My kids bums were happier, and easier to handle in cloth. Good luck with the new little one!

Kaitlin - posted on 06/22/2012




I love cloth diapering. It's a bit of jump, like you said, but it gets easier.
In my experience, that's a lot to spend, but if it meets your needs, awesome.
In the future, you don't need fancy diaper soap, you can make your own DIRT CHEAP- use equal portions of oxiclean (or sun bright, whatever your store brand is), washing soda (arm and hammer makes some, but it is NOT the same as baking soda) and borax. All items are found in the laundry aisle of your grocery store. You only need about a 1/4 cup per load of diapers. The only thing you do want avoid is using regular clothes detergent, because that has a residue that will make them smelly over time.


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