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i have an australian shepherd /border collie mix shes 5 years old and just had puppies like a few months ago....i have a 19 month old daughter who is interested in petting and trying to hug and kiss my dog. before my dog had her puppies she would protect my daughter play and interact with her and she would even allow her to lay on her...after she had the puppies everything dog is more aggressive around my daughter she will run away from her shes moping around she wont play with anyone anymore all she wants to do is lay around and be in a room by herself..she seems depressed i need advice of how to handle this situation because i know she wont bite my daughter but she has growled at her and i keep her outside or separated from my all she does is soke and mope around...what should i do!?!? i dont wanna get rid of and my sister rescued her from abusive owners and shes been apart of my family for like 5 so confused on wat to do


Firebird - posted on 05/14/2013




Are the puppies still living with you, or have you re-homed them? Pregnancy hormones can be making your dog a little off and if the puppies are gone now, it's possible that you dog is depressed and missing her babies. If you still have the puppies it could be some kind of protective mode. I suppose it might even be possible that your dog is rejecting your daughter because she different from the other puppies. For now keep your daughter and the dog either separated or closely supervised and I would suggest consulting a vet or a dog behaviour professional (like a trainer perhaps).

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