Any advice dealing with 7yr old stepdaughter with serious behavior issue?

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A brief history - husband & I knew there was a possibility child was his, but did not actually meet her until she was 5. Bio mom Used drugs during pregnancy and through out toddler years exposed child to horrible things such as drug use(passing out with needles), sex in front of child, men beating mom (per child-until mommy would fall asleep), etc etc.

Child passed from random ppl to mom to aunt and finally to us.

When we got her from the aunt, the aunt stated it has been tough due to child's tantrums (by this I mean hitting, biting cussing & spitting in faces) and the mother was in and out of her life. At first she was the ideal, sweet mannered kid. A few incidents involving her asking other kids to "make sex" and lying. But now a nanny ( no actual relation, but took care financially of mom & kids due to deception on moms part of being the real gma) took kid w/o permission for an unsupervised visit with mom. End result, mom told kid to say we beat her & use drugs according to child. Temporarily cut off visits from mom and nanny but thie lying continues, behavior at school (talking mostly) and recently told another mom at a slumber party her sister now beats her. Please help. Thought of therapy but child is very very smart and manipulative. Not to mention I hate to admit, I'm scared of what type of lies she will come up with. It is driving a wedge in my family of 5.

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