Any advice for at home preschooling?

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I am a stay at home mom with a 4 year old son. My husband is in the military and we are having a difficult time finding an affordable preschool for our son. I am worried that he will fall behind and was thinking about doing some at home preschool with him until we can find something but I am having a hard time getting him to stay focused and he doesnt seem to want to work with me. I was hoping for some advice or ideas as to what I could try to keep this fun and exciting for him..


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well, the most important skills he can develop are social, so make sure he has many many chances to play with peers, same aged peers.

Going into K he needs to be able to count, not just say the numbers, but understand what they mean. So, know that five cookies and the number 5 have the same value, know that 5 is bigger then 4 ....

Understand letters have sounds. Saying the A,B C's is not as important as understanding the letter A makes this sound, the letter B makes this sound .... write his name, color, know his colors and shapes, cut with sissors, tie his shoes, sit and listen to a book, sit and focus on a task for 20 minutes (not TV - but a puzzle or something)

Ya have to make it fun, a game when you can. Make sure he has had chances to run and scream before you ask him to sit and focus

He ought to be doing self care too, like putting on his own coat, hanging it on a hook when home, brush his hair, dress himself ....

Make school an outdoor event when you can. Count trees as you run past. Go on a penny hike. Flip a penny, heads you go left, tails you go right. Then you role a dice (just one to start) You role a 2, so you look at the sheet you have made up with one through 6 tasks listed.
Take 2 might read something like, '4 blue cars' so you walk in that direction until you have found 4 blue cars, then you flip the penny and role the dice again ...

Your list might be 3 circle, 2 dogs, 7 green trees .... whatever you have in your area

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