Any advice for my 1 yr old to stop using a bottle? People and dentist say it could damage their baby teeth


Suzie - posted on 07/23/2012




My daughter was 15 months old when she stopped the bottle all together... So I may not be much help! haha My mother told me to go cold turkey, that's what she did for us and it worked. But my daugter was ADDICTED! So we started reducing the number of bottles right around her first birthday. She was given a morning one and a night one and that was it for a while... then we got rid of the night one..... and the last to go was the morning one which we replaced with a sippy cup. In all honesty she drank that morning sippy cup just like it was a "baba". ha! She just turned three and now she is even off sippy cups except that one in the morning on the way to school. She has a little bit of water/juice.

I don't think they damage baby's teeth unless you let them fall asleep on their own with the bottle in their mouth.

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