Any advice trying to go for full custody and the only letting the father have supervised visitation?

Tatiana - posted on 11/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been going through a lot lately. All the sudden my daughters' fathers' mom had been sending me all these texts demanding Friday through Sunday sleepovers with my daughter even know since my daughter was born him and his whole family haven't shown any interest for her. I wouldn't agree to that many days or for sleepovers, especially since she's not even 9 months yet. While I was 6 months pregnant the dad went to jail for trying to rob a liquor store with a knife so he wasn't even at the hospital when I had her. On top of that he also has a drug/alcohol problem, been in and out of rehabs or mental hospitals since she was born. He has never shown any interest in our daughter or helped me out with her financially. So I wanted to protect my daughter and went to file for full custody and if the judge grants visitation I want it to be supervised. I am just scared because I hope he can't appoint his mom to do it because she will let him take her wherever or around whoever. I don't want my daughter to be around the friends he has or drugs/alcohol. I was just hoping there was some advice someone can give me. After he got the motion I tried to file for in the mail, he went and filed his own motion for full custody and that I can only have visitations. It's just crazy that after all these months since my daughter has been born and now him or his mom want to act like want to see her or take her away from me.


Jodi - posted on 11/09/2013




Tatiana, You need to collect evidence that he is a potential danger to your child. Do you have a lawyer?

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