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Mind you, you wont be able to see the underline and bold it looks like, the original way this was displayed. bummer..

JA-RU, Inc. (maker of Product)

JA-RU, Inc. #770

Jacksonville, FL 32207


It has come to my attention that this product I am about to introduce to you has never been on a product danger list, never considered for removal, and I have noticed that there are thousands of products out there that have been given a boot for minor defects, but this caustic product, has been overlooked.

BALOONIES is made by JA-RU, Inc. including a smaller version of the large (7 1/2 by 12), both in stores at a very cheap price. This product allows children six and up to blow “B’loonies” using a blow pipe looking more like a crack pipe, by placing the most horrific smelling (Instant headache), permanent staining, caustic containing, flammable, putty like goo onto the opening of the pipe. Yippy…and it comes in four colors!

When my son blew his first balloon, the smell was unbearable, my eyes watered, and I demanded we open a window. The balloon half inflated, pipe near his lips, ready to blow some more to enhance its size, he inhaled and began coughing and coughing, needing water to wash the fumes off his esophagus and tell me that it tasted ‘funny’. If anyone has painted their nails, or used nail polish remover, you will then know how caustic and horrific the smell can be if inhaled, how that feels. Even my dog knows how bad this smell is, runs from the room, and inspects the surroundings or she won’t return any time soon. This product is like inhaling nail polish remover!

What’s in it? Glad you asked! Some examples are given and then you tell me, what you will put next Christmas in your child’s stocking. Tell me Balloonies should stay on the shelf. And if you don’t think so, go buy a three pack, get out the crack pipe, and inhale away!

Equate w/gelatin for nails: Nail Polish Remover: Acetone, water, propylene carbonate, dimethyl glutarate, dimethyl succinate, dimethyl adipate, glycerin, gelatin, fragrance, benzophenone-1, propylene glycol, denatonium benzoate, D&C red #33, ext. D&C Violet no. 2.

WARNING: Extremely flammable, keep away from flame, do not inhale.

Onyx Professional (for artificial nails, remover): 100% pure acetone, 100% acetone pura, max strength. **removes glue and glitter polish

INGREDIENTS: Acetone, denatonium benzoate

WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN, danger. Flammable. NO NOT breathe vapors in, use adequate ventilation, harmful if swallowed and if so call poison control. Medical attention needed if ingested. Harmful to synthetic fabrics, wood, finishes, plastics, product will melt Styrofoam.

Hand Gel (antiseptic) : GERM X: aloe barbadnesis gel, D&C red no.33, FD&C Blue no.1, fragrance, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate, water.

WARNING: Flammable. Don’t put near heat or flame, do not inhale, ingest, discolors fabrics, wood finishes, and plastics.

“BALOONIES”: Poly vinyl acetate, ethyl acetate, plastic fortifiers, with US certified colors, not more than 25% by weight of acetone and intended for blowing plastic balloons.

I don’t know why they don’t state “fragrance,” the stuff reeks. So we have below what we are allowing our kids to come in contact with and inhale as they blow a Baloonie….not to mention that there is an undisclosed “with US certified colors,” which means what to us? D&C no. 1,2,3….? Or food coloring, or remnants left of god knows what? Not much to go off of is there. Here’s the warning: Choking hazard—small parts. Not for children under 3 years.” “FLAMMABLE MXITURE. Do not use near fire or flame.”

Do you recognize this ‘flammable’ warning anywhere else in these products?

2nd warning but on the back of the package: “May stain some surfaces such as clothing, furniture, painted walls, carpet, or wallpaper. FLAMMABLE—keep away from heat or flame. Not a food item. Do not eat or place in mouth.”

Do not place in mouth… that is a tricky one, but ok to inhale? All of the products state the same thing about clothing, property damage. Baloonies do not stain clothes, it sticks to clothes forever. A stain is something without the goop or leftovers. This putty like product sticks to clothes eternally!!

Acetone: A volatile fragrant flammable liquid ketone C3H6O used chiefly as a solvent, in organic synthesis, and found in abnormal quantities in diabetic urine—also called PROPANONE

Acetate: Fabric or plastic derived from ACETIC ACID

Acetic Acid: A colorless pungent liquid acid, the chief acid of vinegar (fermented) and that is used esp. in synthesis (as of plastics) and occas.

Ethyl: A monovalent radical C2H5O composed of ethyl united with O2

Ethyl Acetate: A colorless fragrant volatile flammable liquid ester C4H8O2 used esp. as a solvent.

Volatile- explosive, unstable, unpredictable…

Lastly, this product comes in a tube made out of tin like, soft metal, like the tube you will find if you purchase paints. After bending the tube a few times to squeeze the stuff out, it will crack in the middle, seep out, and get onto everything, thus staining clothes, the car seats fabric, AND cut the tiny fingers of your kids.


A Mother


Angela - posted on 02/27/2012




Ok hi my name is angela and I totally agree with you my daughter was hospitalized from them she always wanted them an I thought they be ok but untill I smelled it omg they are horrible and it didn't say on packaaging use in well ventilated area or around adult supervision it only says do not chew. Really?? So me an my husband contacted our lawyer an its been 2 months an we are suing putting a lawsuit for that not having proper instructions as well as it being safe for children they are children they will inhale to blow it bigger which means our children are being poisoned! Its like huffing that's not good. Ppl huff paint permanat markers and spray paint chemicals in general an they die from brain damage our children are getting that little by little they have to be stopped. How I see it is drug abuse our children are usingl drugs and I am soooo upset because this company should know better not to provide such a hazordess chemicals to children. We as mothers should take them down look into a lawsuit my lawyer said we will win no doubt cause we have the proof and a point. Comment me and tell me if u agree with this bull crap kids toy??


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Janine - posted on 01/21/2012




and I thought some examples might get others to see that its not far away from the contents in other dangerous products like...nail polish remover ...the smell is smiliar to nasty

Janine - posted on 01/21/2012



1 looks like a pipe is all. Thanks for replying. It should be banned here too. It smells awful too. I think it was a novel idea to be able to blow them, colors make it look neat. But, after a few coughs from my son, and the smell, I figured it was time to trash it and go back to blowing normal bubbles.....even the ones in the bath are safer...

Kylie - posted on 01/19/2012




It used to be banned here in Australia. When we were teenagers we would get friends to bring it back from Bali for us. It never came with a crack pipe..just a small plastic straw and it was great fun. I remember the smell, it was strong stuff. It is certainly not for little children, you need to be quite skilled to blow those bubbles. I was surprised to see it stocked at the Australian geographic store in my city recently.

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