Any Dad's out there? Any with anger issues with screaming?

Nick - posted on 08/18/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




So I cheated, I'm not a mom, I'm a new dad. Just wondering if there are any dad's out there. We had our baby Henry last month. Fortunately he is extremely easy going and only cries when he needs food or is cold. He doesn't care if he needs a changing.

I love him to death but my wife seems to always take care of him, she probably takes care of him 80% of the time, even though I have no problem taking him, she just likes to anyway.

The main issue I have had was a single night when we couldn't figure out what was wrong and he was screaming blue bloody murder (he needed to be burped we found out later) I got very frustrated. I was rougher with him than I should have been. I hate myself for it. I didn't hurt him in any way, but was just angry with him and grabbed him harder than I should have, I just kept trying to feed him even though he didn't want the bottle. this started happening after about 6 hours of him screaming. as soon as I grabbed him too hard I put him in his crib and left the room for a while. My wife didn't understand, but I've been kicking myself ever since then.

Later I have found out that anger increasing in dads is a very common thing, I know that it is wrong but does anyone have a good treatment or solution for this? Since then he had one other bad night and I took him for a walk around the neighborhood and this seemed to work out for both of us, but I was wondering if anyone else had any good tips for this issue

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