Any great advice for expecting first child?♥

Dacia - posted on 09/17/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm a 19 year old expecting my first child. I never really had a good mothering role model to look up to, so everything is new and fresh to me. Advice?(:


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Ann Marie - posted on 09/17/2012




I had my son when I was 19 and was nervous on just how to hold him. As soon as he was born, I knew nothing but felt like I knew how to do everything for him. It honestly just comes to you. Listen to how they cry and you'll know if it's an "im hungry" cry or an "im tired" cry or just an "i want to be held" cry.

-I would definitely nap when they nap.

-Don't try to always be so quiet when they are sleeping otherwise you'll be tiptoe-ing around them at night, forever.

-Find something that will soothe themselves back to sleep at night like low music or a pacifier. This will relieve you of some late night visits.

-I know every parent wants their child to be right next to them but there comes a time when they need to sleep in their own room so make sure you eventually make it a routine to have them sleep in their own bed. My son is five and still asks me to sleep in my bed with me. I give in sometimes. :)

Enjoy every minute. Its ok to make mistakes. That only makes you a better mom.

Kimberly - posted on 09/17/2012




Best thing I can tell you is this: ITS OK TO MAKE MISTAKES, WE ALL DO IT!!!!!!

You have never done this job before and its one of those things that you cant learn before you are actually doing it! Take each day as it comes and get to know your baby, they are new at this too. You will learn to tell what they want, how they like being held, feed, bathed, etc. Everyone will give you advice which can be great but that doesnt mean you have to do things the way they say to. Get as much rest as you can and be prepared for broken sleep but this doesnt last forever. Ask for help if you need it, it is perfectly fine to not be handling everything everyday, get into a good mothers group where they support not compete with you and best of all just enjoy your baby and watching them learn and grow, it happens so quickly that they are toddlers before you know it! My daughter is almost three, she has had a happy meal for dinner, she's spent the day in her pj's playing, doesnt wash her hair every night, has tantums in public, tells me no but she also wants her mama first thing in the morning and gives the best kisses and cuddles, tells me I'm her best friend and we have a great time. Motherhood is both the most rewarding and trying thing you can ever do but no where else will you ever get the endless love a child and parent share no matter what we stuff up along the way

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Don't read 15 parenting books. They will just leave you feeling confused and paranoid. Instead, try to find another mother you trust who can offer advice or support when you need it. Try not to obsess about every little daughter watches tv, eats sugar, has had cookies before breakfast (gasp!), played in the dirt, isn't bathed in antibacterial products and is not only surviving, but thriving! :) Kids are more durable than you think. Just listen to your baby. If he cries, feed him. If he is fussy, comfort him. If he's awake, cuddle him. Sleeping "through the night" will not happen right away and does NOT mean 10-12 hours. You will be thrilled when your baby can FINALLY sleep 3-4 hours straight! Just enjoy your baby and don't expect it to do what a book says; they are all unique.

Jennifer - posted on 09/17/2012




Dacia -

Sleep when the baby sleeps or if you can't sleep, sit back and relax, put your feet up and at least rest.

Take things one day at a time -

When feeling overwhelmed - take a break it won't hurt the baby to let him/her fuss for a few minutes while you tend to yourself.

Find a local group for new mom's in your area, also as for maternity clothes go within your budget - as for big items for the baby - you won't need a high chair just yet - you can also check second hand stores, consignment shops for gently used items.

If you are deciding on breast feeding or not, go with what you are comfortable with - don't give into pressure - yes, breast feeding is the best way to go, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Hope this kinda helps some.

If you need someone to talk to or vent to or even share your concerns, feel free to email me at

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