any ideas for a 4yr old girl birthday, she l the princess stuff, my little ponies; boys will attend also


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Chaya - posted on 09/18/2012




One my uncle did when I was a kid, I had eye surgery, so we had a pirate party, complete with eye patches, peg legs, a "ship" We put the picnic table up to the clothesline, (about halfway to the long side) and used an old sheet for a sail. My uncle buried "treasure" cholate coins, and gave us treasure maps to find them. My uncle always thought that was a great party, all he had to pay for was the coins, we had everything else

Jennifer - posted on 09/17/2012




We had a Princess/Prince party last year for my daughter's 4th birthday. The kids decorated foam crowns, took a "carriage" ride in the decorated wagon, were "announced" in by my husband, had a dance party, a couple of games, and a few stories. Then they decorated sugar cookies shaped like crowns and glass slippers with white icing and colored sugar. The crowing event was the castle pinata. All the kids had a blast!

Katherine - posted on 09/15/2012




Well you're going to have to make it appropriate for both ages. My daughter will be 4 in March and I have NO idea what to do for her yet. Maybe they can come dressed as princes and the girls as princesses? The rest can be princess and prince decorations. Make the gift bags appropriate too.

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