Any ideas for a step mom with with step childern


Jodi - posted on 07/28/2011




Ah, okay. How old is she? This isn't acceptable, and your husband's response isn't acceptable either. He shouldn't be allowing her to speak to you like this, and the fact that he does allow it shows what little respect he has for you. If my step children were to speak to me like that they'd be in a LOT of trouble. This is my house too, and as an adult in this house, I deserve to be treated with respect, just as every child in this house deserves to be treated with respect. So by allowing her to disrespect you, your husband is also disrespecting you.

Have the two of you been to family counselling at all? I think this could be a good idea if every time you raise the issue you get yelled at. He has to realise that this is very upsetting to you and that the two of you need to focus on a solution rather than assigning blame.....

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Ummm... yeah, I'd be out of that house. That's emotional abuse (in my opinion) and it's NOT right.


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After 5 years I would assume nothing's going to change and I would leave... Of course that's just me, but I do like Jodi's idea of counseling. That can be helpful.

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