any ideas on what to do to help a friend

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my daughters guy friend (my daughter is 11 and so is the boy),their family is having a rough time right now..they are great parents but a mixed family..all together there are 4 boys all under 11 and mom and dad..they lost there food stamps and have to pay child support for 2 of the boys that only live with them part time..they both work but are having problems..we want to do something nice for them for xmas but dont know what..we want it to be a surprise..only issue husband just got laid off for the season and is expecting $55 per week for the 5 of us for the winter from unemployment..we are not doing great either but really want to show them that we care and that we understand..any ideas on what we can do to make their xmas better..


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Gena - posted on 11/20/2013




I find that very nice of you and your family to suprise them.. Maybe you could make them homemade jelly soap,it looks very pretty in jars and is not expensive,also homemade bath fizzies.Let me know if i should send you the recipe. I also like Shawnns idea with the fudge and sweets.Maybe you could make a basket with the jelly soap,bathfizzies and sweet treats,like a wellness basket?I could also send you the recipe of homemade bodypeeling (very easy and not expensive).
If you have small glass bottles it looks very pretty to put in a chili some pepper corns and a twig of rosmarin,then fill it with oil. Hope i could give you some ideas.

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Perhaps a nice homemade dish of sweets? Fudge, christmas cookies, etc?

Been there (on both sides) and done it! Do you knit/crochet? maybe scarves for the family?

I'll keep thinking, you keep your big heart open!

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