Any ideas on what to do when getting your 19 month old son more interested in the potty then using the bathrooom in his diaper?


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Rachel - posted on 08/20/2011




if he doesn't show any interest now wait a while most kids aren't ready until 2 yrs old

Sylvia - posted on 08/19/2011




Wait about a year.

I know that sounds snarky, but seriously: based on my own experience, my friends' experience, and the experience of just about anyone I've ever talked to about this, the younger you start toilet training, the longer it takes. For example, with DD, we started when she was about 2 and a half (and interested in using the potty, and waking up dry from naps, and able to communicate well, and all that stuff) and it took about 3 weeks until she was out of diapers and about 95% accident-free during the day. (She wore pull-ups at night for about another year, but that was mostly just paranoia on our part because she slept with us; those diapers went into the trash dry pretty much every morning, and then one day we ran out and just didn't buy any more, and that was that -- she's never wet the bed once, and she's 9 now.) A friend of mine with a son the same age started potty training him at 20 months, and he was finally fully out of diapers ... at exactly the same age as DD. Guess which mom found toilet training more frustrating? ;)

Katherine - posted on 08/19/2011




IMO, 19 months is a little young. I did that with my first daughter and she wasn't ready yet. She had accidents ALL the time. Up until she was 4. Now I have a 29 month old that I take when she wants to go. I don't make her go or anything. That's the mistake I made with my first.

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